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Photo by Gaby Hill

People:Hastings has been created to give everyone a space to document life during the Coronavirus lockdown and beyond. We have all been isolated from normal life in different ways. We aim to support our community, people, local business and charities by connecting outside of usual friendship groups. 

People:Hastings wants to show the positive. We want to document, support and share all of the amazing things that each of us have learnt, returned to or created that is helping to get us through this unique period of time. 

What do you do that's getting you through? A phrase that we hope will instill positive ambitions and inspire you to share your answers with us so others can be supported and find their own path both during lockdown and as we emerge into life afterwards.

We want to share whatever it is that's helping you right now. Painting, drawing, songs, poetry, stories, families playing, comedy and everything in between. It can be video, audio or in pictures. 

Small businesses are adapting in preparation for reopening, show us behind the scenes, what you are doing and the team you are working with. 

It doesn't matter how old you are, whether you use your phone to record dancing round your bedroom or enjoy editing your own footage, we want to represent our community.  

Send your creativity to us via, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. All you need to do is let us know how you want to be credited (real name or username) and remember to send us any links if you would like us to share any more of your


For further information or business promotion* please use our contact form here.  

*Business promotion relates to what you are doing now and how you are relaunching from a positive aspect, not general advertising. 

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